Skulls are used for celebratory or memorial matters in various cultures and incorporated in numerous events. What makes my day is when I receive an email stating, "I am interested in this piece for my WEDDING." or "I am getting this piece in memormium of my loved one."

Skulls in Weddings

'Til Death Do Us Part is a phrase synominous within weddings. I had clients use this phrase as a major theme to their wedding. Grooms have gifted a pearl skull piece the day of the wedding, or brides to be have opted to use my pearl skull jewelry as part of their ensemble. Afterall, pearls are a timeless/classic gem, and perfect for the non-traditional bride is Arlo Edge Walker jewelry. I personally  married my wife on Halloween in 2010, it was a beautiful ceremony and of course skulls were a major theme. Therefore, it is sentimental and close to my heart when I am asked to create a beautiful piece for such a special ceremony. 

Grief Jewelry/Memento Mori 

What is Grief Jewelry? Grief jewelry is jewelry which is sentimental and aids in nourishing/comforting the heart after a loss. One of the greatest clients I had, was a kind lady with an amazing soul. She reached out to me as a fan of my work and wanted to create a memorial piece for her brother. He loved skulls and had me etch his initials in the back of the skull. Another, a lady reached out to me because her dog named Cherry passed away. She wanted to use my coral skull cherry pendant as a memorial piece. I am always honored to create pieces which tell stories, have meaning to the receipient. 

What is Memento Mori? Memento Mori means 'Remember you must die' in the Latin language. Memento mori jewelry is worn by individuals to have that constant reminder to celebrate life. Human life is short and fragile and wearing a a token which symbolizes to keep going and to keep pushing, whether it be accomplishing goals or to sit as a reminder of the tribulations and obstacles you have been through and conquered. Arlo Edge Walker jewelry serves as the perfect memento pieces. Skulls symbolize life and death. My crowned skulls symbolize the King or Queen that you are, ready to conquer your life! 

*Expect a variety of wedding and grief jewelry/memento mori pieces coming out before the end of the year. 

As I bring this blog to an end, I am getting ready to package a pair of black pearl stud earrings for a bride to be who is getting married this weekend. Thankful and truly honored. 

Do you have an Arlo Edge Walker piece or plan on getting one? If so, what does your piece or future piece mean to you? 

Many thanks, 

Arlo Edge Walker